Fees and Pricing

Cyclops Trader Mentorship.

  • Limited to 5 positions only, via application process.
  • $1,500 per month for first three months (Paid monthly, in advance) 
  • Six Month minimum time frame advised, paid in Three month "blocks", as mentorship progress happens over time.
  • After approx. three months of mentorship (determined by progress of group) pricing goes to a reduced rate of $1,000 per month. This caters for a less hands on approach as both your performance and market knowledge improve. (this is assessed on a group by group basis)

This is not a pre-recorded "Trading Course" with trading "setups" or "Strategies". Cyclops Trader Mentorship is a fluid personalized mentorship. The mentorship aims to help you reach your trading goals. Successful applicants, please come with an open mind, a hard working, positive attitude and a drive to be the best you can be and lets get you trading at your best.