What the Mentees Say

The current group have seen great progress in their trading, from thought process and Idea generation, to execution and risk management. They have really taken the trading challenge head on and their progress in learning markets is testament to the work they have been putting in.

I asked them a few questions about the Mentorship and their experience so far.

Here is what they had to say:


1. Would you recommend the Cyclops Trader Mentorship program, if so why?
"I could not recommend this mentorship highly enough. I think having a great mentor is crucial for the development of a day trader. Developing and learning in the group environment backed by the one on one guidance from Cyclops has been second to none. Cyclops is an incredibly talented trader with a real skill for bringing the best out in you". -  Keegan. S.
"Highly recommend Cyclops Trader Mentorship program - Over the past few months I have learnt and added more depth to my trading than I have being interested in trading the past 4 years".  - Cheyne. D.
" I'd definitely recommend this program because it will give you an opportunity to develop and enhance your own trading style under the guidance of an experienced mentor. You will expand your knowledge base through continued exposure to the markets all whilst working in a positive environment where progress and development is paramount". David. S.
"I would wholeheartedly endorse the mentorship program. I feel it has given me true insight in to the level of preparation and thought process that is required to be a successful short term trader on the ASX". Jay. S.
2. Has the mentorship improved your trading? If so, how have you improved as a trader?  
"I see a 100% improvement in trading and thinking. I have learnt to look at the markets in a whole different light, with a better understanding of what moves markets. Learning to think how a professional trader thinks, being able to generate trade ideas that are not necessarily a news catalyst". - Cheyne. D.
"This mentorship has improved my trading by increasing my ability to think effectively as a trader. I'm a lot more equipped to evaluate the dynamics of local and overseas markets and use that information to generate a solid trading plan. Prior to this mentorship I had no exposure to this line of thinking and was therefore out of touch with the intricacies of intraday trading". - David. S.
"Yes I believe so. My overall outlook and approach towards the dynamics of the markets has changed, especially in their behavior, co-relations and key drivers of market participants. This is all even before looking at a chart setup. Learning to think in a holistic manner has helped me plan and prepare a whole lot better and I'm finding that this improvement is slowly but surely improving my execution and results". - Jay. S.
"This mentorship has improved all areas of my trading. It has taught me so much about developing well thought out trade ideas backed by good research and hard work. With the help of Cyclops and my fellow trainees my market awareness and understanding of the markets has grown exponentially. I am developing a trading style that complements my personality and I've really improved on cutting out my trading flaws". - Keegan. S.
3. What has been the most helpful thing for you in the mentorship?  
"I would say the one-on-one guidance from Cyclops and learning in a group environment has been the most helpful thing for me. I think these things are priceless and I get so much from our meetings and information sessions. I have these things to thank for my improvement. The past 3 months of development would have taken years to achieve on my  own". - Keegan. S.
"Receiving direct feedback has been most helpful to me during this mentorship. Tailored advice from a mentor that understands not only what the journey involves but also my own personal challenges is crucial to my development".- David. S.
"I really enjoy learning in a group environment. Talking about our good trades and also our not so good trades. Sharing how we came up with some of our trade ideas, and how we can improve and learn from them.
Also one on one time and learning from someone that has a strong passion for what they do, and learning what it takes to become a professional trader". - Cheyne. D.
"Each aspect of the program has been beneficial - Right from being able to receive feedback on my daily/weekly/monthly reports helps me not only become accountable for my results but also to gain valuable suggestions on what I can do to improve. Our daily morning meetings give me the ability to think for myself and reflect on how I would want to approach the trading day and what stocks and under what conditions I'd want to be a part of it.
Our bi-weekly reviews is probably my favorite part of the program where mentees get to showcase and discuss our good and bad trades and help learn from each other. The whole vibe of the conversation is quite chill and I especially appreciative of  Cyclops dropping some key insightful gems during these meetings that has helped me to become more confident and assured in my trading". - Jay. S.