Cyclops Trader Mentorship

If you are looking for a Trading Mentor who is immersed in the markets, lives and breathes trading and trades professionally for a living, the Cyclops Trader Mentorship Team would love to hear from you.



Initial Mentor Session: 

  • Initial 1 hour mentor/assessment session per person.
  • Assess your current trading strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Determine key areas in which you need to improve on.
  • Plan and structure your short, medium and long term (non financial) goals.
  • Discuss and assess personal trading awareness and setups.
  • Determine a baseline from which to work off for your improvement. 
  • Establish where you fit within the mentorship group.


Short Pre-market meeting (9:00am - 9:30am AEDST)

  • A 15 - 30 minute pre-market meeting from 9:00am – 9:30am
  • Morning wrap of overnight markets.
  • Identify any market moving news events.
  • Identifying any macro themes from the overnight session.
  • Sector analysis
  • Each member is encouraged to contribute to the meeting to facilitate their own learning
  • Discuss any stock specific news.
  • Discuss stock selection procedures
  • Q&A support


1hr Bi-weekly, Evening Group Mentorship Session for first three months. (7:30pm - 8:30pm AEST )

  • 1 hour post-market group session.
  • Discuss overall market, sector, and individual stock movements from the day.
  • Identify any themes that may be developing.
  • Discuss members stock selection procedures that were used through the days session.
  • Group trade review, allowing other group members to provide critique and feedback. (There are many reasons why this will help you grow your knowledge base, and greatly benefit your own trading processes moving forward).
  • Each member is encouraged to contribute to the meeting to facilitate their own learning in a group environment.
  • Q&A support.


Weekly Review

  • Between Friday close and Monday morning meeting, you will be required to complete a set of tasks to review your past weeks trading performance in order to facilitate your personal growth, and achieve your non financial performance goals.


General ongoing email support, anytime

  • Ongoing general support via email will be provided.
  • Individual 1:1 Q&A support as required.


There is also the option for "Flash" meetings.

  • “Flash” meeting may be organised for those who can attend.
  • These meetings will be of short notice for purposes of breaking news events that hold a unique opportunity for education during the trading day.


What is NOT included:

  • Individual stock tips.
  • Trade "setups" (you will build and work on your own).
  • Trade alert service.
  • Financial advice in any way, shape or form.
  • No trading recommendations will be made.
  • You are responsible for making your own trading decisions. Trading to your own trading plan and executing your own trade strategies.


 Only serious applications need apply. Limited to 5 people only. Vacant positions will be filled when and as they become available. Fees paid monthly in advance ($1,500 per month).


Prop Trader Trainee Position Potential


We are always scouting for developing Traders who might be a good fit for a Trainee Prop Trader position at Australia's largest Proprietary Trading Firm. If you can prove hard work, good scaled progress, can develop a good understanding of markets and their structure and build well rounded trade strategies over time, there is potential that you will be recommended for a Trainee Position at the Prop Firm.

Benefits would include but not limited to:

  • Continued free mentorship for your life at the firm.
  • All the capital you need to execute and scale your strategies.
  • Professional trade setup at the trading desk.
  • Tech support and proprietary trading technology.
  • Investment bank broker research.
  • A trading environment with many very successful Day Traders.
  • A great immersive trading environment to help you trade at your best.

Consideration will only be made after several months of Trader monitorship. Proof of continued hard work and improvement over several months is a necessity.
There is no guarantee that a recommendation will be made in regards to applying to any Proprietary Trading Firm after doing any period of time in the Cyclops Trader Mentorship. IF a recommendation is made, there is no guarantee that a position will be made available by the Firm. A full separate application process in regards to the Firm will need to be accepted and a position offered by the Firm.